This is the first painting in what will be a series of three.

The short, less involved description of my plan for the series is to photograph parts of the human figure, edit them into obvious-but-realistic black and white bitmaps, then paint the flesh in color on top of the bitmaps like a frame. This one focuses on hands, while the next one will probably focus on face parts. I have not decided what to do with the third yet.

There are a few artists that I was looking at for this project, but the main one that has inspired me to incorporate painting on top of collage is AM Debrincat, who combines photography (digital and analog) and printmaking with her paintings to try and represent and explore “portraiture and the hybrid nature of identity in the digital age.”

While Debrincat usually paints a face on top of a photograph, I became interested in the painting being more fragmented, like pieces of flesh ethereally forming on top the bitmap, like what’s underneath isn’t necessarily real, and what’s on top isn’t all the way formed and solid.

I had the usual amount of struggle with this painting, but not in the usual way. It was a challenge for me not to overwork the actual painting part, since I wanted there to be a delicate balance between painting and bitmap. I am not used to having to focus on leaving parts of a painting untouched; I can usually just go wild all over the place. I also think that a part of me felt like I had to do a whole lot of painting since there was so much preparation involved to actually get to the painting part.

Overall, this first painting in the series didn’t necessarily turn out as I intended, but artwork never really does. I wanted to try splitting different areas into color themes, but it didn’t feel right (I think because of the subject matter and scale). I did try to retain the idea of using various off-the-wall colors, which I think worked out. I might try again with the next one.

…To Be Continued

On a side note, this concept was slightly strengthened with the Fighting Polygon Team in mind.

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